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What It’s Like When You Visit Our Church

by Rick Rickabaugh

During our awesome Easter Sunday service, we had the opportunity to joyfully welcome nine new members into our congregation. This event made me stop and think about many of the programs that are available and are accomplished here in this small church. I first thought of some words from the dictionary that are normally thought of as nouns but are actually done here as verbs. Some of those would be family, community, faith, love, and Bible.

We are a community that believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and God as Our Father. Because of these beliefs, we can say that “we family, we community, we faith, we love, and we Bible. When we do these things to the best of our abilities, we can say that we live the credal statement of the Lakehurst United Methodist Church:
“To think with the mind of Christ, to love with the heart of Christ, to do the works of Christ.”

About Us…

We are a unique and vibrant church community. Step inside on a Sunday morning and you’ll feel the spirit of joy and love.  You’ll soon find that there is no other place you’d rather be to begin your week.

Deepen your shared contact with God’s Word in two exciting Bible Study groups on Wednesday mornings at 10:30, and Thursday evenings at 6:00 at the church office.

On Tuesday mornings at 10:30 you’ll discover a deeply spiritual prayer group entitled “The Redwood Prayer Group.”

All invited to Men’s Fellowship and two active United Methodist Women’s Groups.  Joyous ministry to the needy is offered in “Lydia’s Closet” where folks can to receive clothing offered free of charge.

“The Snack Pack Program” supplements nourishment for the children in the Lakehurst Elementary School.

When you add your love and creative ideas, ministry will just grow and grow! -Pastor Nick Connolly

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