Sermon: “Margin Becomes Center”

The Sixth Sunday in Kingdomtide, October 8, 2017

Pastor proclaims the Gospel:   Matthew 21:33-46


Pushing down a beachball in the ocean and then releasing it offers a perfect image of what happens when we suppress thoughts, feelings, self, others, and then accept them and let them go.  They move from the depressed margin of life, to the center. The “beachball” of emotions is released and joy and energy return.

Is God a mascot for you—on the margin of your life instead of at the center?

Audio of the sermon:


*The names of the Sundays are taken from Pastor’s book, The Bible Through the Seasons: A Three-Year Journey with the Bible. There are thirteen Sundays in the season of Kingdomtide — autumn in the northern hemisphere, spring in the southern. Advent begins on December 2.

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