My dear sisters and brothers:

My earliest memory of Easter was when I was about five years old. I’ve always been a very early riser, and that Easter morning of 1948 was no exception. I heard that Mom and Dad had placed little gifts in various places around the house that special morning. So, what did I do? I snuck downstairs very early and found all the little gifts while the rest of the family slept, thus innocently depriving my parents of the joy of my finding the gifts in their presence!

Some seventy solar cycles have passed since them, with Easter flowing down the years with the never-changing lunar cycles which have and always will, define the dates of Easter. So where does this year’s Easter find me in the spiraling of the cycles?

Resurrection-faith leads me more and more to collapse any distance between myself and Jesus. The gift of His love and Resurrection is so embedded within me that I cannot look at it as something separate from me, whether re-reading the appearances of Jesus after his death to the first disciples, or gazing at the myriad works and words of art that have inspired artists over the ages. The Resurrection is our limited, human way of expressing what is beyond comprehension—that death no longer defined the limits of life for Jesus or for us. His death and ours are but the entrance to a life beyond our imagination, but never beyond our faith. And it all begins fresh at every moment! Jesus rose for you and me, and in you and me.

Gina and I pray that you will find a fresh, near experience of the Resurrection that launches you into an Easter Season of love, peace, and joy that only God can give.

With you in joyful ministry,

Pastor Nick

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