Sermon: “The Name that Binds Us Together”

The Second Sunday in Kingdomtide, September 10, 2017

Scripture Link: Matthew 18:15-20 

Reconciliation with another means unloading the baggage of the past which is often like the tag wagging the dog, stopping the flow of what you want to take place deep in your soul.  Drop the baggage, turn to the cross which is between you and the one with whom you are at odds, and let the grace of reconciliation won for us by Jesus on the cross join you together. This is the name that binds us together.


*The names of the Sundays are taken from Pastor’s book, The Bible Through the Seasons: A Three-Year Journey with the Bible. There are thirteen Sundays in the season of Kingdomtide — autumn in the northern hemisphere, spring in the southern. Advent begins on December 2.


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