Sermon: “When Fads Fade Away”

The First Sunday in Advent – December 3, 2017

Pastor Nick proclaims the Gospel – Mark 13:24-37

Remember the Pet Rock fad back in the 1970s?  It lasted for about six months, and then was over.  So it is with all fads—they come and go.  Some are reborn as Cabbage Patch Kids from the 1980s with new hi-tech features to simulate a real baby. The photo above is a Cabbage Patch Kid we gave to our daughter when she was seven years old.
There is one Rock upon which we stand that never moves nor changes.  It is the Word embedded in our souls, the Word that endures forever. Find a Bible Word each day to which you can cling.


Advent begins today.  Click on the link for a Calendar for 2018.

God’s Year of Grace-2018-Yr_B

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