Rembrandt – Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem
1630 Oil on panel, 58 x 46 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Sermon: “When the Going Gets Tough”         

The Fourth Sunday in Pentecost*, June 25, 2017

Scripture Links:     Jeremiah 20:7-13     Matthew 10:24-33
Pastor Nick reads the Gospel:

The usual response to the sermon title is, “The tough get going.”  This just doesn’t cut it!  The congregation is asked to give alternatives.  Then we learn from Jeremiah—six steps from anguish to praise.


*The names of the Sundays are taken from Pastor’s book, The Bible Through the Seasons: A Three-Year Journey with the Bible. There are thirteen Sundays in the season of Pentecost — summer in the north, winter in the south.


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